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Racing with Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
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Not many people know that I crashed my first commercial airliner when I was eleven years old. Thankfully, it was only a simulation. My father is a pilot, and when I was in middle school and most adamantly wanted to be like him, I participated in a week-long summer aviation camp. Undeniably, the highlight of the week was the chance to go to a flight training center and (attempt to) navigate a jet through takeoff and landing via the flight simulator. Even now that I am training to become a lawyer rather than a pilot, it fascinates me how something so large and cumbersome can possibly lift off the ground. And now, after an incredible day with BGD for the Indy Signature Event, I have also begun to appreciate the marvel that is how racecars can possibly stay on the ground.

Earlier this month, BGD treated the Summer Associates (Ashley Davis, Young-Eun Park, Jane Feist, Philip Gretter, Matthew Richter, Philip Heleringer, Brittany Mills and Dillon Nichols) from the Lexington, Louisville and Indianapolis offices to a day of fun and racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Dallara Indy Car Factory.

Those of us from the Lexington and Louisville offices—Starbucks in tow—traveled up to Indianapolis together for the event. Our day began with a warm reception from the Indianapolis office, where we interacted with attorneys. It was great to see how the cultures of the different offices aligned. Following a short met and greet, it became readily apparent why the merger has been so successful; there are collegial, talented, hardworking professionals across the board in every office.

After the reception and a quick office tour, the Summer Associates and chaperone attorneys departed for the highlight of our trip: a ride-along in an Indy Car on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  

I’m going to admit that I was slightly terrified beforehand, especially once they fitted us in the fireproof suits and we heard the IndyCars roaring by at speeds up to 230 mph. However, it was an incredible and exhilarating experience, and our grins couldn’t have been wider as we each climbed out of the cars after two laps around the track. Afterwards, we capped off our visit with a tour of the nearby Dallara IndyCar Factory, where we learned about the fluid dynamics of IndyCars (“So that’s how they stay on the ground!”) and raced each other with an entertaining pit stop challenge. By the time we rode back to Louisville and ate dinner, it had been a long and exhausting day, but undeniably a day we won’t easily forget.

The Indy Signature Event was certainly a highlight of the summer so far, but I’ve enjoyed so many of the different aspects of the summer associate program with BGD.

Your first job with a firm can initially be intimidating in its unfamiliarity. However, just as the IndyCar ride-along reflected, I’ve learned that if you’re confident enough to step up, the experience can be incredibly rewarding. As a part of the Summer Associates program, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects and assignments from a wide variety of practice areas, which has been extremely helpful as I discern which practice area I hope to pursue in the future. Additionally, by working with and receiving feedback from a diverse group of attorneys, I’m continuously learning and developing my ability to practically apply what I learned in my first year of law school. 

Most significantly, however, the program has created an environment where I’ve been able to build fantastic relationships with the people around me at the firm through collaboration, fellowship, and mentorship. I truly can’t imagine a better way to spend my summer.

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