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Represented by Bingham McHale, Mike Rooney Exonerated in NCAA Investigation
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Michael Patrick Rooney, former Director of Baseball Operations at Arizona State University, was fully exonerated today by the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

Beginning with an investigation in 2009, the NCAA Enforcement Staff examined allegations of recruiting violations with the ASU baseball program. The alleged violations included improper reporting of recruiting-related phone calls on the part of ASU. Rooney, along with several other members of the coaching staff, were also accused of compromising the integrity of the NCAA investigation. After Rooney was named in the NCAA Notice of Allegations, ASU did not renew Rooney’s contract. The Sun Devil Sports Network, for which Rooney was a commentator, also informed him that he was no longer needed.

While Rooney was cleared in involvement with both the initial allegations of recruiting violations and in hindering the NCAA investigation, ASU was found to have committed both major and secondary violations and will be on probation for three years. Rooney was represented by Bingham Greenebaum Doll attorneys Joe Champion, Casey Kannenberg and James Bell. According to Champion, “This was a long road but we are thrilled with the Committee’s findings.” “I am glad this ordeal is over,” stated Rooney. “The Committee’s clear statement that I committed no infractions provides some comfort.” You can find more information about this case by visiting the Bingham Greenebaum Doll website.



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