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Republicans Gain Supermajority in Indiana General Assembly
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Following the elections on Nov. 6, 2012, Republicans hold a supermajority in the Indiana Senate and Indiana House of Representatives. Republicans hold 37 of the 50 seats in the Indiana Senate and they gained nine more seats in the Indiana House to achieve a 69-31 majority. This “quorum-proof majority” gives Republicans enough seats to conduct business in both chambers without any Democratic members in attendance.

No incumbent legislator was defeated in the Indiana Senate, while four incumbent legislators lost races in the Indiana House of Representatives. Recounts were possibilities in two extremely close races. The final deadline for recounts was Nov. 26, 2012. Of the races that were being considered for recount, Democrat Christina Hale defeated incumbent Republican Cindy Noe in House District 87 and Democrat Kreg Battles won over incumbent Republican Bruce Borders in House District 45.

Of the 150 lawmakers, there are a large number of newly elected senators and representatives. Four members of the Indiana Senate are preparing to serve their first term, and there are 25 freshman members of the Indiana House. Click here for a complete list of the new legislators on the Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP blog.

As a result of the Republican supermajority, leadership at the Statehouse will look very similar next year even though Indiana has a new governor. At Organization Day held on Nov. 20, 2012, Senate Republicans retained David Long as President Pro Tempore and Sue Landske as Assistant President Pro Tempore. Brandt Hershman will be the new Senate Majority Floor Leader. Tim Lanane was elected as Minority Leader of the Senate Democrats. Jean Breaux will serve as Assistant Minority Leader, and Jim Arnold will remain as the Minority Caucus Chair.

In the House of Representatives, Brian Bosma will remain as Speaker, Bill Friend will continue as House Majority Floor Leader and Kathy Kreag Richardson will stay the Majority Caucus Chair. Tim Brown will be the new Ways and Means Chair. Scott Pelath was elected as the new Minority Leader of the House Democrats. Linda Lawson will remain as the Minority Floor Leader and Vanessa Summers will continue as Minority Caucus Chair.

A current list of senators who will serve in the next legislative session can be found here. Click here to see which representatives will be serving your district in the Indiana House of Representatives.

For more information and a preview of what to expect during the 2013 legislative session, don’t miss Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP’s Legislative Conference on Dec. 13, 2012, taking place at the Indiana Convention Center.

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