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Results of Charity Gaming Study Committee Could Impact Non-Profit Operations
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A newly created legislative study committee focused exclusively on charity gaming issues is expected to begin public hearings in the coming weeks. 

Within the last twenty-four hours the names of all thirteen members of the committee have been made public and a schedule and agenda for an initial meeting are expected to be released soon.  The study committee is charged with analyzing several topics that could significantly impact non-profits that engage in charity gaming activities in Indiana.  Among the items that the committee will study are:

  1. Whether non-profits can use charity gaming proceeds to pay salaries and benefits of employees;
  2. How often non-profits can hold charity gaming events, including the hours during which events can occur; 
  3. Issues relating to licensing and regulating national organizations and their affiliates; and
  4. Other general licensing and reporting requirements.

These and other issues pertaining to non-profit gaming operations are slated to receive specialized legislative attention in the coming weeks. Non-profits that participate in charity gaming should promptly consider how they want their voices to be heard during the study committee process. The Committee is responsible for submitting a final report of the results of its study before November 1, 2011.

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