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The Kentucky General Assembly Chooses the 2009-10 Senate Leadership

The 2009 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly gaveled in yesterday for the beginning of the 30-day session.

This is the organizational session where leadership is chosen for the next two years. Bills will be filed but very little action is expected this month as they will adjourn Friday the 9th until February 3rd for the remaining 26 days. Senate Leadership saw only one change in the minority party, with Jerry Rhoads (D), Madisonville, replacing Joey Pendleton in the Minority Whip position. Senate Leadership for 2009-2010 is as follows:

David Williams, Senate President

Katie Stine, Senate President Pro-Tem

Dan Kelly, Majority Floor Leader

Dan Seum, Majority Caucus Chair

Carroll Gibson, Majority Whip

Ed Worley, Minority Floor Leader

Johnny Ray Turner, Minority Caucus Chair

Jerry Rhoads, Minority Whip

The House saw a highly contested race in four of the five Majority Leadership spots with three of those incumbents being replaced. Former Majority Floor Leader and Attorney General Greg Stumbo defeated Jody Richards, the longest tenured Speaker in Kentucky history, serving fourteen years in that post. House Leadership is as follows:

Greg Stumbo, Speaker of the House

Larry Clark, Speaker Pro-Tem

Rocky Adkins, Majority Floor Leader

Bob Damron, Majority Caucus Chair

John Will Stacy, Majority Whip

Jeff Hoover, Minority Floor Leader

Bob DeWeese, Minority Caucus Chair

David Floyd, Minority Whip

These changes in leadership will likely bring major changes to committee chairmanship positions as well. We will update you as appointments are made.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact any member of Greenebaum's Governmental Affairs Team.

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