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The White House’s Moonshot for Water with Charles Fishman [PODCAST]

There has been a momentous development in water: the presence of a $267 million federal budget request from President Obama targeted to water initiatives. BGD attorney David T. McGimpsey discusses this major development with “The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water” author and reporter Charles Fishman in his latest The Water Values Podcast episode, which you can stream online here (free).

The White House’s Moonshot for Water with Charles Fishman [PODCAST]

Highlights of the discussion between McGimpsey and Fishman include the following:

  • The backstory of how Charles came to write “The Big Thirst”
  • Why a federal budget request for water technology innovation is so significant
  • How water technology innovation even came to be in the federal budget request
  • How the Paris climate talks impacted the budget request
  • The programs that the budget request for water proposes to target
  • Charles’ idea for furthering water technology
  • How Charles proposes to implement his idea to release a flood of water innovation

Additional resources and links mentioned in or relevant to this podcast episode are available on The Water Values website.

Stream “The White House’s Moonshot for Water with Charles Fishman” by clicking on the image below.

This content was originally published on The Water Values website. It has been reprinted with express written permission.

To learn more about David T. McGimpsey and his practice, please visit his profile.

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