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Water Data: Ready, Set, Report! How a New Law Will Impact Water Utilities
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Newly enacted Indiana legislation will increase the amount of paperwork produced by water utilities of all types.

Senate Enrolled Act No. 132 provides that all water utilities must report to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) certain data, such as number of customers, service territory, total utility plant in service, amount, availability and location of water resources, amongst other information. The reports are due annually, beginning with information collected during 2012. The IURC will prescribe forms to be used in the reporting and will compile the information collected from the water utilities into its annual report to the Indiana General Assembly. The reporting obligations apply even for water utilities that are otherwise unregulated by the IURC. SEA 132 also legislatively overturns the Supreme Court of Indiana’s decision last year that authorized municipalities to regulate water withdrawals from aquifers.



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