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Winter party with Walter Knabe and Bingham Greenebaum Doll
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Last week, I had the unique opportunity to introduce the internationally renowned artist Walter Knabe to a small group of colleagues and friends.

Walter opened his first studio nearly 30 years ago as a painter in New York City. His paintings quickly morphed into full-scale wallcoverings when he received a request to cover the walls of a high-profile New York apartment with his heavily patterned paintings. Since then, his studio has produced wallcoverings, fabrics and other home décor using some of the same screen-printing techniques he developed while making fine art screen prints.

Walter was gracious enough to show us his new studio in the Indiana Design Center, where he gave a demonstration on his intricate screen printing process.

During our visit, Walter described his paintings as a landscape of time and space that cause us to pause and reflect on ourselves and the world at large. Walter said his work is a reflection of a belief in the value of human life, and our unique ability to define our being through art. Walter said he attempts to infuse a sense of antiquity in his work, which reminds us of the past but also grounds us in the here and now. He hopes his work will invite us to create a personal mythology to carry into the future.

Walter and I discussed his fine art projects as he presented the group with his artistic vision. Walter created the design on the far right in his role as the official artist of the 2010 Indianapolis 500.

As his range of medium grew, so did his fan base. That group has included Andy Warhol, Michael Jordan, Caroline Kennedy, Andre Agassi, Richard Gere, Bill Cosby, Madonna, Neil Simon and Spike Lee.

To learn more about Jim Reed and his practice, visit his profile.

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