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With Shoes & With Trademarks: You Get What You Paid For
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While it may seem a strange analogy, trademarks are a little bit like shoes.  The trademark—and the brand strategy behind the trademark – serves as an important part of the foundation on which the company stands.  And with trademarks, like shoes, you often get what you pay for. 

On several occasions, I have bought a cheap pair of shoes because I thought they were a great bargain. Invariably, I ended up with sore feet and a pair of shoes collecting dust in my closet. On the other hand, when I have invested in a good (albeit more expensive) pair of shoes, I ended up with a quality addition to my wardrobe – and happy feet to boot.  

In many ways, selecting and registering a trademark can be like buying a pair of shoes – you can get one cheaply, but it may result in a meaningless asset if the important upfront strategic decisions are not contemplated and the proper steps are not taken in selecting, registering and protecting the trademark. In the past several years, various companies have popped up on the Internet offering trademark services at what appear to be bargain prices.  However, the cost of working with these companies often comes with a hidden price. In short, the services offered by these companies offer little, if any, counsel or advice, and do not help their clients make important strategic decisions that result in a strong and enduring trademark that can serve as that important foundation of a brand.  

Alternatively, you can elect to work with a firm with experienced trademark attorneys who will share their in-depth knowledge of trademark law and experience in strategic trademark thinking. With proper counsel, your investment will be more likely to become a valuable asset, and not a poor use of money collecting dust in your closet.



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