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Lateral Attorney Training & Development

BGD team members are always learning. The CLE system is just the beginning for our seasoned attorneys. We actively participate in industry conferences, workshops, and seminars, in order to learn about problems facing our clients, and to immerse ourselves in the development of innovative solutions.

PLI Training

We offer online, on-demand training through our membership with the Practising Law Institute (PLI). Our attorneys enjoy PLI benefits including:

  • More than 400 seminars available as Webcasts.
  • More than 2500 hours of on-demand web programs.
  • More than 100 audio briefings per year.
  • Access to SEC Institute Forums.
  • PLI Mobile App (for iPad and IPhone).

NITA Training

BGD provides NITA Training for attorneys involved in litigation. NITA, the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, is the nation's leading provider of legal advocacy skills training.

BGD University

Our firm offers a variety of courses on legal and business topics throughout the year. Our recent BGD University course guide has covered:

  • “Trust but Verify”
    Course Description: Whether a researcher is verifying some simple facts or involved in complex due diligence research on an organization, a Google search is a great way to start. But once the researcher obtains a results list and begins to review the information, every researcher should wonder if these websites are to be trusted?
  • “Professionalism Program: Transparency in Invoicing”
    Course Description: The most important regular communication we have with our clients is the monthly invoice for services. What we say in our entries can have more meaning to our clients than that multi-page letter we sent them with lots of Latin words and footnotes.
  • “AKINA Business Development Training”
    Course Description: The session will cover “Top 10 Business Development Best Practices”. At the end of the 90-minute program, participants will highlight those best practices that they are already doing well, as well as those where they want to continue to work. In addition, they will receive all of the tools associated with the best practices so that they could adopt them as they see fit.
  • “Effective Legal Correspondence”
    Course Description: This first session in the new "Summer Legal Writing Refresher Series" will provide a review on writing client opinion or advice letters, client status letters, letters to opposing counsel, and transmittal letters. Tips for email and instant messaging will also be discussed. This course is designed for our associates and summer associates but is open to all attorneys.
  • “Reporting Issues in Child Abuse Cases”
    Course Description: This program will provide clear guidance on the reporting requirements for allegations of child abuse or neglect. This is a topic that has become particularly newsworthy recently, with a spate of criminal prosecutions of individuals who have, likely mistakenly, run afoul of the code. This hour will provide you with the tools you need to advise your clients when they call in a panic wondering what the law does, and does not, require.
  • “Outside Counsel Guidelines: Client Needs for Indemnification, Data Security and More”
    Course Description : The ALAS loss prevention presentation will describe the various terms of engagement that lawyers are receiving currently, identify the risks associated with specific provisions, and suggest ways to address requirements to meet client needs.
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