• Tax Guidance Kentucky Taxpayers Need

    Understanding the Kentucky Department of Revenue’s position on Kentucky’s tax laws and their application to common fact patterns is important to Certified Public Accountants and other tax practitioners, whether they are CPAs in public accounting advising their many clients or CPAs in industry advising their employers. The Kentucky Society of ...more »

  • Kentucky Tax Developments

    Administrative Updates New Kentucky Governor – Changes at KDOR and KBTA in 2016? With Governor Bevin taking office in December 2015, one can expect changes in the administration of Kentucky taxes, at the Department of Revenue and at the Board of Tax Appeals. This is because new administrations inevitably put their stamp on these agencies, in one way ...more »

  • New BGD Magazine Examines Breach of Fiduciary Duty that Led to Largest Judgment of its Kind in Kentucky History and More

    INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 11, 2016) – Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP is pleased to announce the release of its latest digital magazine. The new issue of BGD Magazine takes a closer look at the more than $500 million awarded in compensatory damages for the fraud of defendants in Osborn v. Griffin. It also includes details on why adult adoptions as testamentary ...more »

  • Kentucky: Court of Appeals Address Acceptable Comparable Properties in Determining Tax Value

    Walgreens Co. v. Fayette County Property Valuation Administrator, File No. K12-S-21; K13-S-38, Order No. K-24624 (KBTA Mar. 26, 2014), aff’d, No. 14-CI-01566 (Fayette Cir. Ct. Feb. 18, 2015), aff’d, No. 2015-CA-000407 (Ky. App. Sept. 23, 2016). In Walgreens Co. v. Fayette County Property Valuation Administrator, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ...more »

  • Dark Boxes are Comparable Properties in Indiana

    Howard County Assessor v. Kohl’s Indiana LP, No. 49T10-1502-TA-00004, 2016 Ind. Tax LEXIS 34 (Ind. Tax Ct. September 7, 2016) The Indiana Tax Court affirmed the final decision of the Indiana Board of Tax Review (“Board”), upholding the appraisal value of a property owned by Kohl’s Indiana LP (“Kohl’s”). ...more »

  • Mark A. Loyd Discusses Employment Tax Audits

    BGD partner and chair of the firm’s Tax and Employee Benefits practice group Mark A. Loyd discussed the reality of employment tax audits for companies in his latest “Tax in the Bluegrass” column for the Kentucky CPA Journal. Loyd shares a few tips for companies to prepare for future Federal employment tax audits. In his new column, Loyd ...more »

  • Southeastern Indiana Regional Port Authority Select Attorneys

    LAWRENCEBURG, IND. (Sept. 15, 2016) - The Southeastern Indiana Regional Port Authority (the “Port Authority”) has selected Andrew D. Baudendistel, a Lawrenceburg attorney associated with the Votaw and Schwartz law firm to act as legal representative for the Port Authority. In addition to SIRPA, Mr. Baudendistel currently serves Southeastern ...more »

  • Chip Bowles Discusses Why ASARCO Decisions Arenít Just About Legal Fees Anymore with ABI Journal

    Partner Chip Bowles continued the story of the ASARCO LLC bankruptcy in a new “Toxins-Are-Us” column for The ABI Journal. The story is perhaps the largest environmental-driven proceeding in history, and Bowles addresses two cases and the important matter of the impact the settlement had on Comprehensive Environmental Response and Compensation ...more »

  • April A. Wimberg Named September 2016 University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law Alum of the Month

    BGD attorney April A. Wimberg has been named the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law’s “Alum of the Month” for September 2016. She graduated from the law school in 2013. During the interview, April discusses her favorite professor, the school's impact on her legal career, and why Brandeis was the right fit for her. She also ...more »

  • Andrew Gruber Discusses the Evolution of Workplace Harassment Claims With the Indiana Lawyer

    BGD partner Andrew Gruber discussed the evolution of workplace harassment claims with The Indiana Lawyer recently. Despite years of preventative training and a recent decline in claims, workplace harassment remains a pervasive problem, with thousands of lawsuits filed annually. Even thirty years after the Supreme Court ruled sexual harassment as a violation ...more »


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