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23rd Annual Ohio Tax Conference


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP is proud to sponsor the 23rd Annual Ohio Tax Conference Jan. 28-29. With among the best line of speakers in the history of the conference, attendees will benefit from the continuing education credits earned by attending and the valuable information received on major tax and jobs issues.

Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP attorney Mark A. Loyd will present on separate topics. Loyd will co-present the workshop titled “Kentucky & Indiana Business Tax Update... What’s Going On and How to Benefit from It.”

Other topics to be covered at the conference include:

  • Continuing business tax reform and economic incentives expansion in Ohio;
  • Audit insights, new developments and best practices for compliance in the two major business taxes in Ohio;
  • Industry-specific tax issues, including special taxation issues impacting the oil and gas industry, health care sector and financial institutions;
  • Tax issues surrounding a mobile workforce and employment tax developments, Ohio pass-through entity taxation audits, alternative apportionment, federal excise taxes,  MTC’s Three-Factor Formula, state tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, unclaimed property, state adjustments due to federal RAR situations, and sourcing of receipts;
  • Major  trends and developments in state taxation and expansion of tax incentives;
  • Valuable information on tax appeals and property valuation; and
  • Best corporate tax management and tax accounting practices.

Attendees will receive the conference’s written materials bound together in two main conference manuals with supplemental manuals for each breakout session and a flash drive with all the written materials in conference manuals.

Discounts are available for organizations sending multiple attendees.


Hyatt Regency Columbus

350 North High Street

Columbus, OH 43215

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