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University of Louisville: School of Medicine's "Residents in Business"


Once again the University of Louisville is holding the “Residents in Business” event over a three-day period beginning Tuesday, May 20, 2014. Partners Peter Thurman and Jeremy Gerch, along with assocaties Chad Riney and Rob Rominger, are speaking at the event to help students in their senior year of their residency learn the professional life cycle for the future.

Residents about to enter their final year of residency have been pre-enrolled for this event. The University Of Louisville School Of Medicine intentionally mixes specialties among the students to provide networking opportunities and ensure multiple points-of-view during discussions.

Attendees will learn how to analyze and negotiate personal contracts before joining a practice, how to monitor their personal finances, how to generate revenue and more.

Event Details
What: Residents in Business

When: May 20-22, 2014

Where:  University Club and Alumni Center
              200 E Brandeis Ave
              Louisville, KY 40208

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University of Louisville: University Club and Alumni Center

200 E. Brandeis Ave.

Louisville, KY 40208

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