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Unlocking Wealth: Timely Strategies for Moving Family Assets


Listen, learn and ask questions of an experienced group of professionals from PNC Wealth Management, bCatalyst Advisors, the law firm Greenebaum Doll & McDonald and The Global Consulting Partnership. The goal of the seminar is to inform attendees why now may be the optimum time to make the hard decisions to transfer financial and business assets, achieving the best outcomes for families and their businesses in the process. 

What you will learn

  • Strategies for transitioning businesses and family financial assets
  • How to prepare your business for market and sale 
  • Tips for effective intrafamily conflict resolution
  • Insights on the current capital markets
  • Ways to gain access to innovative capital sources
  • Strategies for acting on today's favorable gift and estate planning climate


  • Insights from the PNC Wealth and Values Survey
  • Is your business ready? Now may be a better time than you think to transfer your business 
  • Psychology of Business or Wealth Transitions: emotional intelligence matters, too
  • Optimizing asset transfers in the current environment using partnerships, LLC's and other techniques


D. Christian Staples, Vice President - Wealth Planner, PNC Wealth Management

Stephen Stowers, Senior Advisor - Vice President, PNC Wealth Management

Roza S. Rojdev, PsyD, Director, The Global Consulting Partnership

S. Andrew McKay, CEO, bCatalyst Advisors

John T. Sweeney, Managing Director, bCatalyst Advisors

John R. Cummins, Chair of the Estate Planning, Health and Insurance Group, Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC


  • John Cummins


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