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Wage & Hour Master Class - An Advanced Interactive Workshop for Kentucky Employers


Sometimes it's a large figure, like when Family Dollar was penalized $33.2 million for classifying their store managers as exempt.

And sometimes it's a smaller amount, such as when the New York construction company that paid $495,000 for setting up bogus sub-contracting arrangements to avoid paying overtime.

But the fact is, overtime violations are a huge problem, and it's only getting worse. Last year alone, the Department of Labor filed over 36,000 compliance actions. And they collected over $166 million in unpaid overtime pay.

Yes, you CAN be the pay policy expert at your organization, the one management turns to for accurate and justifiable decision-making advice. How?

Invest just one day in learning all the latest rules for complying with complex payroll and overtime laws. You’ll acquire the advanced expertise needed to make the right call every time when you attend this satisfaction-guaranteed event.

You'll learn:

  • Who is, and isn’t, covered by the 5 main exemptions to the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Which workplace activities are and are not compensable, in light of recent court decisions
  • Techniques for avoiding overtime that work – and those that backfire
  • How to handle bonuses, commissions, and tips
  • Areas of special interest to federal and state labor department watchdogs during payroll audits
  • Why FLSA retaliation lawsuits are exploding, and what you can do to steer clear
  • And much more.

Conference Details
Continental breakfast and registration begin at 7:30 a.m. The program begins at 8:30 a.m. and concludes at 4:30 p.m. There will be morning and afternoon breaks and registrants will be on their own for lunch.


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