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Are You an Employment Law Whiz? Take This Quiz to Find Out!


How well do you know your rights as an employer? Are you making common mistakes in handling your employees? Take the 10-question true or false quiz from Katherine G. Erdel in the April/May/June 2015 edition of the Indiana PHCC newsletter to find out.

The true or false quiz includes the following questions about employer/employee rights in the state of Indiana:

  1. Employers must provide employees with rest periods and meal breaks.
  2. Employers must provide employees with sick days.
  3. Employers must pay employees for holidays or pay them premiums for work performed on holidays.
  4. When filling out an I-9 employment verification form, employers cannot choose which documents an employee must provide to verify identity and employment eligibility.
  5. Employees must provide employers with two weeks’ notice before resigning.
  6. Employers must provide employees with time off to vote.
  7. Employers must pay employees for time spent on jury duty.
  8. Employers must provide employees access to personnel files upon request.
  9. Employers may monitor employees’ email and Internet usage.
  10. Employers can prohibit employees from bringing firearms and weapons to work.

Quiz answers and explanations from Kate are available in the April/May/June 2015 edition of the Indiana PHCC newsletter here.

Kate focuses her practice in the areas of discrimination defense, wage and hour advice, general workplace policies, and employment agreements and covenants not to compete. She regularly advises clients in these areas and is familiar with state and federal tax laws related to employment and benefits, E-Verify requirements, background checks and other pre-employment inquiries and other employment best-practice issues. Kate represents clients before administrative agencies, like the EEOC, and also works on employment and general litigation matters in both state and federal court.

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