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Roxana Bell Promotes IndyBar Diversity Job Fair in The Indiana Lawyer


BGD attorney Roxana S. Bell recently participated in the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair. Bell shared her experience and discussed the impact that IndyBar had on the beginning of her career in a column for The Indiana Lawyer. Bell first became involved with the organization as a student going through the interview process.

“I can remember each of those interviews well, not because of anything that was spoken, but because of the unspoken message those employers conveyed simply by participating in the Job Fair,” Bell wrote. “You are welcome here. We want to work alongside you. You would fit in well with us. We are looking for someone like you.”

The IndyBar Diversity Job Fair connects diverse law students from around the country with local Indianapolis legal employers in an effort to foster diversity and inclusion within the Indianapolis legal community. The fair showcases Indianapolis as a great place to live and work by introducing participants to local legal firms, government agencies, corporations and businesses. The first IndyBar Diversity Job Fair was in 2008.

Bell continues to support the event and credits judges, law firms and public agencies that demonstrate their support of diversity and inclusion as the greatest forces in the job fair for the “lasting impression they leave in the minds and hearts of those they take the time to meet.”

To read Roxana Bell’s full article, visit The Indiana Lawyer website.

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