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Air Quality Letter - First Quarter 2014


Inside this issue: 

  • Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District Reorganizes, p. 1
  • EPA Proposes and Approves Multiple Indiana SIP Revisions, p. 3 
  • EPA and State Agencies Agree on Commitments and Best Practices for Addressing State Implementation Plan Backlog, p. 4
  • U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, p. 5
  • Indiana, Kentucky and Other States Respond to Petition Asking for Expansion of the Ozone Transport Region, p. 6 
  • Utility Mercury Air Toxics Rule Upheld by D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, p. 6
  • Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Submits Comments on Proposed Standards for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants, p. 8
  • Kentucky General Assembly Enacts Legislation to Guide State Development of Greenhouse Gas Standards for Existing Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants, p. 8
  • Kentucky Federal Court Rules That Common Law Tort Claims Are Not Preempted by the Clean Air Act, p. 9 
  • Michigan Federal Court Rules that EPA Improperly Second-Guessed Preconstruction Emission Projections in New Source Review Enforcement Action, p. 9

To view a complete PDF of the First Quarter 2014 Air Quality Letter, click here.

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