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Air Quality Letter - Fourth Quarter 2013


Inside this Issue:

  • Louisville Mayor Appoints LMAPCD Executive Director; Releases Reports Regarding LMAPCD Monitoring Program Deficiencies, p. 1
  • EPA Proposes and Approves Multiple Indiana SIP Revisions, p. 4
  • Indiana and Kentucky Submit Initial Designation Recommendations to EPA for the Revised Primary Annual PM2.5 NAAQS, p. 4
  • EPA Issues Final Rule Eliminating Significant Impact Levels and Significant Monitoring Concentrations from PM2.5 Prevention of Significant Deterioration Regulations, p. 5
  • EPA Proposes Nonattainment Classifications and Deadlines for SIP Submittals for the 1997 and 2006 PM2.5 NAAQS, p. 6
  • Indiana and Kentucky are Targeted by Petition from Northeastern States to be Added to an Expanded Ozone Transport Region, p. 6
  • EPA Publishes Standards of Performance for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New Electric Utility Generating Units, p. 7
  • Kentucky Submits White Paper to EPA Outlining Potential Framework for Clean Air Act Section 111(d) Existing Power Plant Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards, p. 7
  • EPA Revises Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Global Warming Potentials, p. 9
  • Cost of Noncompliance Creeps Up - EPA Increases Civil Penalty Amounts, p. 10
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