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The Amateur Life Coach Continues to Problem Solve in Season Two


James J. Bell returned recently for season two of his YouTube series, The Amateur Life Coach. The video advice series centers on the Amateur Life Coach answering insightful and valuable questions from attorneys to help their practice and their lifestyle.

This season, Bell answered questions on a variety of topics. He discussed work environments in the office, employee morale as well as attorney fees. Below are the questions answered in season two:

  • What’s up with using “no offense” before insulting someone or their profession? (James Reed, Episode Six)
  • If I get “stiffed” on money I deserve for work that I provided someone, can I call that work “pro bono?” (Judge Marc Rothenberg, Episode Seven) 
  • Can providing a “jeans day” at work raise overall employee morale around the office? (Adam Christensen, Episode Eight)
  • How long do I have to wait to “fire” clients? (Margaret Christensen, Episode Nine)
  • There is an attorney in Florida who charges $1,600 an hour. He can’t do that, right? (James H. Voyles, Jr., Episode Ten)

Similar to season one, Bell answers each question using the Rules of Professional Conduct, and includes any lifestyle tips when applicable.

For example, in episode nine Margaret Christensen needed some advice on knowing how and when to “fire” clients. Bell believed that if she needed to ask the question out loud then it was probably time to part ways with the client.

He explains that there are three things you should do before “breaking up” with your client. First, read Rule 1.16 which explains when you can withdraw from a case and when you have to withdraw from a case. Next, when you file your motion to withdraw make sure to not reveal any confidential information. Finally, look for the early signs that the relationship was simply not meant to be. The longer you’re in a case the less likely a judge will be willing to let you off the case.

He goes on to explain that there is no “higher power” that an attorney and client swear to that they will stay together. In other words, an attorney – client relationship is not like marriage. At best they are dating. If you aren’t seeing eye-to-eye anymore, “skip the counseling and break up.”

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