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Attorney Dan Byron to Host Law Symposium Involving Four African Nations


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP partner Daniel Byron has been selected by The International Center and Indiana Coalition for Open Government (ICOG) to host a law symposium involving four African countries at the BGD Indianapolis office on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014. Byron has served as a member of the ICOG Board of Directors since 2006.

The one-and-a-half hour conference with five international visitors, who are leaders in their fields, from Benin, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia and South Africa will focus on transparency in government (public access to government meetings and documents). Each of the countries represented is striving to allow more openness to their constituents and press. The symposium is sponsored by ICOG.

Founded in 1995, ICOG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of open government and freedom of information throughout all levels of state and local government in Indiana. Its mission is to bring attention to the fight for greater access to public records and meetings and to promote a society in which citizens have the right to unhindered access to government information, and in the public decision-making process.

For more than 40 years, The International Center has served as a guide to the world's cultural landscape, and a catalyst for the state's international growth. Working in collaboration with businesses, organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and individual citizens, The Center expands Indiana's global interest through a variety of programs and services and through convening diverse interests who share common international goals. The International Center is a member of Global Ties U.S.

In addition to his practice of Media and First Amendment Law at BGD, Byron has long been involved in pro-bono work meant to advance the interests of free press and free speech in foreign countries, particularly Africa and Mongolia. He has written several blog posts that detail his trips and cases he has handled in Mongolia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia. You can read them here.

To learn more about the ICOG, please visit their website.

To learn more about The International Center, please visit their website.

To learn more about Daniel Byron, please visit his profile.


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