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Attorney Michelle Browning Coughlin Comments in Recent Law360 Article


In a recent article by Law360, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP attorney Michelle Browning Coughlin commented on Liberty University’s recent allegations of Congress violating religious freedoms and exceeding its power through the enactment of insurance requirements for employers and individuals. Coughlin spoke on the arduous path that Liberty University faces when it comes to overturning the employer mandate and where its best hopes might rest.

Excerpt from Law360’s “Supreme Court Allows ACA Religious Challenge At 4th Circ.”

"'I think the connection between the employer mandate and religious freedom is likely too tenuous,' Coughlin said, pointing to a variety of exceptions already included in the ACA for religious objections. It’s a closer call when it comes to the individual mandate, Coughlin added. 'But again, it appears that the act anticipated and responded to religious freedom concerns through certain religious exceptions,' she said, spotlighting requirements that at least one plan in every state’s health insurance exchange system not cover abortion."

Click here to read the full article on Law360’s website.

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