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Bellewood Home for Children Wants Anchorage Lawsuit Tossed with Help from BGD


Last year, the small affluent city of Anchorage, Kentucky, filed suit against Bellewood Home for Children, a residential treatment center at the edge of Anchorage for abused and neglected children, over whether the city can force Bellewood to stop accepting children into the center that city officials deem too dangerous for their neighborhood.

As reported by The Courier-Journal, the battle spilled into public view last week at a court hearing over the lawsuit in which Anchorage asked a judge to uphold the city’s right to bar such children from Bellewood. Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP represented Bellewood during the hearing, saying that the city does not have the right to bar such children from Bellewood.

The BGD team that includes J. Mark Grundy, Jeffrey A. McKenzie, Jared A. Cox, Micah J. Revell, and paralegal Vicki S. Senior want the Jefferson Circuit Judges James Shake to dismiss the lawsuit and allow “Bellewood to return its full attention and resources to caring for our community’s less fortunate youth.”

Grundy said Anchorage’s agenda is clear — city officials want to “bully” Bellewood out of the community. “Certain members of the city council do not want these children living in their neighborhood,” he said. “They’ve gone to these measures to try to oust them. We’re here to try to protect their right to live there.”

“To accept Anchorage’s argument, the judge would have to conclude that many of the children in the state’s system of residential treatment centers are in need of emergency psychiatric care and must be hospitalized — at much greater cost and less desirable outcomes for the children. That would mean facilities like Bellewood are meaningless,” Grundy explained. “That’s just a ludicrous argument.”

The case is being watched closely by Kentucky’s network of private, mostly nonprofit homes that care for about 1,000 such children placed with them by the state because it could affect their future as well as the future of Bellewood.

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