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BGD Attorney Discusses Indiana Grand Juries in The Indiana Lawyer


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP attorney K. Michael Gaerte and co-author James J. Bell wrote a column for The Indiana Lawyer discussing how grand juries are used in Indiana. This piece came on the heels of several national news stories that have called into question the effectiveness of grand juries.

Gaerte and Bell answered four questions concerning Indiana grand juries:

1.)    What is the purpose of a grand jury?

2.)    Why does the work of a grand jury seem so mysterious?

3.)    What is the role of a prosecutor in the grand jury?

4.)    Can exculpatory evidence be presented to the grand jury?

The column concludes that grand juries are effective tools; part of that effectiveness stemming from the fact that they are confidential. However, it is this confidentiality that may be responsible for the questions surrounding the results of recent national grand jury cases.

To read the article, “Inside the Criminal Case: Grand Juries in Indiana Shrouded by Law”, please visit The Indiana Lawyer website.

To learn more about K. Michael Gaerte and his practice, please visit his profile.


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