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BGD Attorney James Reed Talks Senior Divorce on ‘Pete the Planner’ Radio Show


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP attorney James Reed has started making regular appearances on Peter Dunn’s radio show, ‘The Pete the Planner Show.’ Previously, Reed and Dunn discussed current hot topics such as Indiana divorce laws and cohabitation. You can read about Reed’s first guest appearance over on our blog.

For Reed’s second appearance, the discussion dives a bit deeper into divorce, the ramifications of senior divorce and how to plan accordingly if divorce becomes unavoidable later in life. He discusses relationship transitions and issues couples may deal with during different stages of a transition. What sort of financial obstacles will one face following a divorce? How will your health insurance, social security and retirement funds be affected following a senior divorce? What kind of difficulties may one face entering into a second marriage? All of these topics are important issues one must consider when dealing with a divorce. 

As Reed continues to be a regular guest on ‘The Pete the Planner Show,’ tune in to hear about current issues pertaining to family law, divorce, cohabitation and how the laws interconnect with all of our lives.


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