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BGD Attorney Karl Mulvaney Argues Before the Indiana Supreme Court


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP attorney Karl Mulvaney recently presented oral arguments before the Indiana Supreme Court on behalf of Indiana Gasification, advocating for a deal that would allow the company to build a plant in Rockport, Ind., that is worth approximately $2.8 billion. The Indianapolis Star reported on the recent hearings; an excerpt of that article is below. Click here to read the full piece on the Indy Star website.

Excerpt from ‘Controversial $2.8 billion Rockport deal argued before Indiana Supreme Court’

The Supreme Court heard arguments for 45 minutes in a case that could decide the outcome of the controversial plant. The proposed deal, years in the making, has pitted some of Indiana’s powerful utilities and citizens groups against the developer and its supporters.
The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled last fall that the contract improperly would have forced a group of big industries to shoulder a portion of the plant’s costs or share in its benefits. That was not what lawmakers intended in 2009 when they authorized the Indiana Finance Authority to negotiate the deal, the appeals court ruled.

Attorneys for Indiana Gasification said the problems identified by the appeals court were small and have been fixed with an amended contract between the company and the Indiana Finance Authority.

The company asked the court to find the amended contract “perfectly fine,” and declare the Indiana law that held it up to be unconstitutional.
“Let the contract go forward with no impairment,” said Karl L. Mulvaney, an attorney for Indiana Gasification.

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Click here to watch video of the oral arguments on the Indiana Supreme Court’s website.

To learn more about Karl Mulvaney and his practice, visit his profile.


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