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BGD Attorney Takes First Place at Mercer County Fair & Horse Show


As with any industry group, a key way to attract clients in the equine law area is being able to “speak the language.” Attorney Tandy C. Patrick is a lifelong owner/breeder/exhibitor of American Saddlebred horses.

Patrick recently won the Amateur Park class on a four-year-old colt named Doctor Simon that she raised at the 187th Mercer County Fair & Horse Show. The colt’s mother is one of her bloodmares.

The Mercer County Fair & Horse Show in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, is the longest running fair and horse show in the United States and is affiliated with the Kentucky Association of Fairs & Horse Shows, the Central Kentucky Horse Show Association and the South Central Hackney Association.

Patrick is a lifelong horse owner, breeder and exhibitor, and represents various horse owners and breeders from several states. She has also represented purchasers of several major thoroughbred horse farms. In addition, Patrick has served as President of the American Saddle Horse Association since 2012 and as chair of Planning Committee since 2011.

You can watch a video of Patrick’s winning ride on Doctor Simon on YouTube (or below). She is contestant number 551. Her first place win is mentioned around 9:28.

To learn more about Tandy Patrick and her practice, please visit her profile.


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