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BGD attorneys band together for the eighth edition of the Environmental Compliance Handbook


If you are in the environmental or natural resources field, chances are you have the Environmental Compliance Handbook close by for easy reference. Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP attorneys authored the latest edition which is available for purchase. 

BGD partner Andy Bowman recently made final edits to the eighth edition of the Environmental Compliance Handbook, currently available to purchase.  Bowman, alongside Larry Kane, Katherine L. Shelby , Jennifer K. Thompson, and Kate E. Beatty was responsible for updating and adding new information.

“The Environmental Compliance Handbook” is a plain-English guide written to help professionals reference the most up-to-date information on environmental regulations and responsibilities in Indiana. BGD added and updated over ten topics in the newest edition. These updates and additions include: permitting of greenhouse gases, new NPDES Permit antidegradation requirements, new wastewater management rules, new EPCRA Tier 1/Tier 2 reporting procedures and more.

The newest edition was written and edited to be an excellent reference for professionals in the environmental and/or natural resource field. The content will be especially useful for environmental engineers, plant managers, compliance managers, quality assurance specialists and operations/facilities managers.

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