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Latest USLAW Retail And Hospitality Compendium Features BGD Summations


Bingham Greenebaum Doll's James Hinshaw, Alex Gude, Melissa Norman Bork and Rachel Washburn made contributions to USLAW’s Retail and Hospitality Compendium, which regularly produces new and updates existing compendiums, allowing for easy access to state common and statutory law.

James and Alex wrote their compendium on the current laws in retail and hospitality in Indiana. They started with a brief analysis of both the Indiana state and federal court systems. They then looked at several of the key legal topics in Indiana retail and hospitality. Among these topics are negligence, indemnification and insurance-procurement agreements, damages in premises liability cases and dram shop liability. For each of these, the attorneys defined the general principles and specific implications of that issue.

Melissa and Rachel authored the Kentucky section of the compendium. In their writing, the attorneys talked about the Kentucky state and federal court systems, as well as a plethora of legal topics like negligence with examples of negligence claims, indemnification and insurance procurement agreements, damages in premises liability cases, and the importance of understanding damages and Dram Shop liability. 

To read the USLAW Retail and Hospitality Compendium, click here.

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