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BGD Chief Information Officer Discusses Domain Names


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP Chief Information Officer, David E. Otte, recently discussed the advent of the “.law” domain names now offered to eligible legal businesses with Indiana Lawyer. The new .law domain is what is called a top-level domain, meaning its use is restricted to certain qualified applicants.  

As reported by Indiana Lawyer, debate continues on whether the .law domain will be an effective tool at inspiring consumer trust and emphasizing prestige. “I think it’s one of those ‘everyone’s going to do it, so you’ve got to do it’ type of things,” explained Otte. Although the usefulness of such a domain is yet to be seen, he emphasized that it is a valuable tool to secure potentially useful domain names against “cybersquatting.”

Otte further explained, saying “It costs some money, but it does give you some flexibility in the long run in case .law becomes a valuable extension. At least you have that in your back pocket.”

BGD chose to participate in the early adoption phase of .law availability and currently uses and several other variations to shadow the current primary address, 

You can read “What's in a domain name?”on the Indiana Lawyer website here.

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