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BGD CIO David E. Otte Outlines the Usefulness of IT Leadership


David E. Otte recently outlined the growing value of Information Technology leadership in an article for CIO Review. Otte is currently the Chief Information and Administrative Officer at BGD.

The role of IT leadership has evolved from simply managing applications, infrastructure and data, according to Otte. It has grown to include managing critical processes, costs, clients, revenue streams, growth and more.

In his article, Otte goes on to explain how IT professionals can secure a seat at the leadership table by going beyond only providing technical support. He also explains why Information Technology should be viewed as essential to the success of any business. This change in view of IT professionals begins with the company’s Chief Information Officer. The CIO must embrace a progressive view of the department and challenge IT leaders to step up to the leadership table and leverage information and technology to drive the business at all levels.

In the digital age the role of Information Technology continues to increase. Business has become technology and technology has become business. For highly competitive organizations a change in the brand of leadership is a necessity. IT professionals must be at the table as peers and leaders.

Read “Ensuring your Seat on the Leadership Table” on the CIO Review Website here

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