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BGD Clients Invent Machine to Revive Water-Damaged Cell Phones


Mobile phone users are well aware of the damage water can cause to cell phones. Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP client Redux seems to have found the solution to water-logged smart phones.

“On behalf of BGD, I would like to congratulate Redux on the launch of what it sure to be a successful product,” said Daniel L. Boots, BGD attorney for Redux. “We are glad to work with Redux and are excited to see the company grow to locations throughout Indiana and the nation.”

Featured in a recent Indystar article, Redux, a Carmel, Indiana, based company founded by Joel Trusty and Reuben Zielinski, is a machine designed to revive water-damaged phones. The Redux™ machine (patent pending) is the size of a desktop printer and uses a system of gentle heat and a vacuum to dry out phones and restore their functioning. If the phone is put through the machine within 12 hours of water damage, the machine’s success rate tops 90 percent. The Redux machines can be used on other electronic devices as well, including tablets, small cameras and hearing aids. Redux hopes to grow those markets as well.

Redux machines can currently be found in four Verizon locations in the Indianapolis area.

Read the full article from IndyStar on its website.

Learn more about Daniel L. Boots and his practice by visiting his profile.

Learn more about Redux by visiting their website.


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