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BGD Give Clients the “Thunder” Experience


clientuploads/TOL2014.jpgEach year BGD offers clients, friends and family the ultimate Thunder Over Louisville Experience. The Louisville office opens its doors to share its spectacular view of the waterfront. This year’s Thunder was no exception; the air show and fireworks display looked great from thirty stories up.

Louisville Business First received a behind-the-scenes look at this year’s party on April 12, 2014. Reporter Braden Lammers experienced the view and spoke with a few partners about the event’s history and meaning.

Partner Peggy B. Lyndrup told Louisville Business First a little bit about the party’s history, saying, “We try to invite a certain group of clients every year so they get to experience this wonderful night, too. It is important to them, it’s important to us, because it’s a part of Kentucky culture. It is something to show off.”

For many BGD attorneys, this is a way to relax with clients and get to know them on a wider spectrum.

“It allows you time to relax with clients to talk about something other than business, and it builds relationships – especially when you get to know their family,” said BGD partner Jeffrey A. McKenzie.

The relationships between clients and firm attorneys are extremely important to the success of the firm, and the Thunder Over Louisville party provides a chance for attorneys to form those relationships. Once formed, a sense of trust and reliability soon follows, which is a key to client satisfaction. 

Some clients from around the country may not have had the opportunity to experience “Thunder” without the BGD party. To some attorneys, the party is the perfect way to show gratitude and give back to clients.

“I can return something they otherwise wouldn’t have had, and I think that’s really important,” said Janet P. Jakubowics, Partnership Board Chair. She also said that Thunder is the perfect opportunity to show off the hospitality of Louisville “at its best.”

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