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BGD Helps Client Protect Smartphone-saving Invention


Both Indianapolis ABC news affiliate RTV6 and the Indianapolis Business Journal recently ran stories on BGD client Revive Electronics, highlighting the company’s progress in creating a device that can resuscitate water-logged smartphones and other electronic devices.  The company is a client of BGD attorney Daniel L. Boots and was born after founder Joel Trusty promised his wife, Theresa Trusty, to try and retrieve precious family videos off of her smartphone that had been damaged in a washing machine.

In a quote from the RTV6 news story, Joel Trusty said, "I realized I just promised my wife that I'd work on drying out this phone, so I had to come up with a starting point." 

The science behind the product is highlighted by the Indianapolis Business Journal as follows: “Joel Trusty realized that if he could remove all the atmospheric pressure from a chamber, he could turn liquid—even liquid inside a cell phone—into a gas at a much lower temperature than otherwise possible.” To read the entire article by the Indianapolis Business Journal, click here (subscription required).

To learn more about Boots and his practice, visit his profile.


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