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BGD Honored at 2nd Annual Latino Festival of DuBois County


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP and firm partner William J. Kaiser Jr. were honored at the 2014 Latino Festival of DuBois County held on Sept. 5-6, 2014. Kaiser was presented a plaque recognizing him and the firm for pro-bono work and long-standing support of the Latino community in Huntingburg during the festival’s opening ceremony.

“BGD is pleased to continue our support of the Latino Festival and Latino community in DuBois County,” said Kaiser. “The Latino community makes up 10 percent of the county’s population, so an event like the Latino Festival that brings together all cultures and celebrates diverse backgrounds is extremely positive for our community.”  

Sponsored by the Association of Latin Americans in Southern Indiana, the second annual Latino Festival, formerly known as the Hispanic Cultural Festival, is a chance for the Latino community to come together, form bonds and celebrate the different cultures in Southern Indiana. 

The festival is funded in part through the DuBois County Community Foundation’s ArtWork’s grant as well as local donations; BGD has sponsored the festival both years. In its inaugural year, the festival exceeded expectations; this year’s the festival was even larger, with more vendors and offerings as well as a larger crowd. This year’s event also included a soccer tournament, live music and an opening ceremony speech from honored guest Patricia Maza-Pittsford, the Consul General de El Salvador in Chicago.   

Kaiser was primary counsel and advisor to the original Latino community members from various Latin American countries who were interested in forming a support group, which later became the American Latin Association of Southern Indiana (A.L.A.S.I.). 

About A.L.A.S.I  

The American Latin Association of Southern Indiana was founded in 2007 by members of the local Hispanic community. A.L.A.S.I’s mission is to attain a higher level of living in the social, economic and educational areas of the Hispanic community by supporting cultural integration.

To learn more about A.L.A.S.I, contact Jose Gil at 812-683-4174. 


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