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BGD Intellectual Property Attorney Handles Technology with National Attention


CNN recently published an article entitled, “’Amazing’ treatment helps paralyzed people walk again,” which highlights the innovative research currently being conducted at the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Center at the University of Louisville. Patients with a “motor complete spinal cord injury,” meaning that the patient has no voluntary movement below the injury, were able to walk again with the aid of walkers after being implanted with a spinal cord stimulation device and undergoing extensive physical therapy.

This technology is the subject of multiple pending patent applications in the United States and elsewhere around the world. These specific patent applications were drafted and are currently being prosecuted by Dr. Brian Chellgren, BGD’s Intellectual Property Practice Chair.

According to CNN, Dr. Susan Harkema, one of the lead researchers on the project and a professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Louisville, said of the technology, "It's phenomenal. This new knowledge is giving us the tools to develop new strategies and tools for recovery in people with chronic spinal injuries."

Learn more about the research behind the technology BGD is helping to patent, as well as those it has already positively affected here [VIDEO].

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