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BGD Managing Partner Urges Community Leaders to Stand Up to Condemn Threats Against the Jewish Community in Letter to the Editor


In case you missed it, BGD Managing Partner Tobin McClamroch addressed the recent threats against the Jewish Community Center in Indianapolis in a letter to the editor of The Indianapolis Star. The letter was printed in the March 14, 2017 issue.

His letter reads:

The purpose of this letter is to condemn the recent threats of violence against the Jewish Community Center in Indianapolis and the similar threats around the country. The threats and any violence that may follow against Jews are evil and must be condemned as such.

It is critical that leaders in our community stand up and make their voices heard against these disgusting attempts to undermine the basic tenets of humanity. Our community is incredibly enriched by the Jewish faith and related institutions.

McClamroch is a senior corporate and government lawyer, and serves as managing partner of the firm. The former Vice President and Majority Leader of the Indianapolis City-County Council is active in a number of business, civic, and charitable organizations and a member of the Indianapolis, Indiana, and American Bar Associations.

To learn more about Tobin McClamroch and his practice, please visit his profile.

Click here to view the Letter to the Editor as a PDF.


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