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BGD Partners Brian Welch and Bri Clark Discuss Upcoming 7th Circuit Bar Association Annual Meeting in Indianapolis


BGD partners Brian W. Welch and Briana Clarkdiscussed the upcoming 7th Circuit Bar Association Annual Meeting in Indianapolis with The Indiana Lawyer.

According to the publication, the United States judicial system is in flux, with the U.S. Supreme Court getting a new justice, the traditional law school system facing increasing scrutiny and a new presidential administration eyeing major changes to some laws. When the 7th Circuit Bar Association meets in Indianapolis for its annual meeting and judicial conference April 30-May 2, attorneys and judges from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin will embrace those issues head on, discussing how the legal profession and practice might look different just a few years down the road.

The annual meeting returns to Indianapolis this year for the first time since 2014, following a rotation that sends the event to Chicago every other year, then alternates between Indianapolis and Milwaukee each off year. Welch is at the helm of the event as this year’s 7th Circuit Bar Association president.

Welch and Clark said they expect about 300 attendees for the conference, and about 400 attendees for the May 1 annual dinner. Though attendance by the 7th Circuit judges is no longer required, Clark said the 7th Circuit’s annual event is among the most well-attended conferences in terms of judges, so most, if not all, of the 7th Circuit bench will be there.

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Register for the 7th Circuit Bar Association Annual Meeting here.

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