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BZA Give Unanimous OK for Spartan Wind Farms in Newton County


The room was filled with concerned citizens who came to hear what the BZA board members were going to say about the wind farms on June 23. Mary Solada, an attorney from Bingham-McHale, representing Duke Energy showed a power point on general information of the turbines. She said there are six affected properties which she estimated to be about 6,000 acres and there would be 56 turbines on the properties and this would be phase I only. She went on to explain they were not asking for any variance changes and were complying with all of the county ordinances. One of the ordinances would be for the setbacks of the turbine. They would have to be built 350 ft or 1.1 x the turbine height away from any property lines, roads, railroad lines and 1,000 feet from any primary structures, like residents. Solada said "We are here tonight with the consent of the property owners." Solada told the BZA members the cost in engineering would be approximately $2 million and that is why the company wants the board's approval before they go any further.


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