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Car Dealership Owner Sues Man Who Stole His Wife


Indiana and Illinois mega car dealer Bob Rohrman has filed suit against a Chicago plastic surgeon he says stole his wife of six-and-a-half years, Ronda. "Bob is very upset and emotional this is the woman he loves," said Chicago attorney Enrico Mirabelli who's representing Rohrman. The $50,000 claim filed June 18th is a complaint for "alienation of Affections" an obscure statute in Illinois that allows a spouse to out information of an affair. In the suit Bob Rohrman says surgeon Dr. Sami Bittar seduced his wife taking her to dinner and lavishing her with gifts in 2008. The money, Rohrman says, is to recoup funds his wife Ronda could have earned in addition to costs for a private eye. Indianapolis divorce attorney Jim Reed says Rohrman may also want to smear the surgeon's name by outing the alleged affair. "Certainly that kind of public disclosure is embarrassing and can hurt someone's professional reputation, that kind of thing," said Reed. Both Bob Rohrman and his wife Ronda have filed for divorce but neither had gone through with their case as of yet. Neither Rohrman nor his wife would comment on the suit.


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