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Chief Legal Talent Officer Shannon Williams Discusses the Use of Contract Attorneys with The Indiana Lawyer


Bingham Greenebaum Doll Chief Legal Talent Officer Shannon L. Williams recently discussed the use of contract attorneys rising in importance and stature with The Indiana Lawyer. According to the publication, contract attorney work has become common as firms increasingly rely on the short-term help and as more companies offer these kinds of legal services.

During the interview, Williams discussed the firm’s use of contract attorneys, noting that it “keeps the workforce at a good and profitable level while maintaining high-quality service for our clients.”

BGD brings in contract attorneys not only for routine discovery work, but also enlists lawyers with expertise in a niche area of the law on a short-term basis to help in a particular practice group, she told the publication.

Along with having skills and work experience, Williams said contract attorneys must also realize the job will most likely have an end-date. Lawyers who come with the hope that the project will lead to a full-time position will be less satisfied with the assignments and possibly feel their contribution is not appreciated.

Williams has more than 25 years of experience in attorney recruiting and professional development, and has held a broad range of leadership roles pertaining to legal recruitment and has extensive experience providing strategic counsel on diversity-related issues. 

 Read “Use of contract attorneys rising in importance and stature” on the Indiana Lawyer website, here.

To learn more about Shannon L. Williams, please visit her profile.


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