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Daniel Byron Promotes Media Freedoms and Protecting Journalists World Wide


Firm partner Daniel Byron was honored for his mentor work in Mongolia promoting press freedom and the protection of journalists in the recently released annual report from the International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP) located in New York.

He was selected by the ISLP for travel through Mongolia in October 2013 and to participate as a lecturer at the National Media Conference sponsored by Global International. During his trip, Byron also lectured at the Mongolia Journalism School and conducted additional training workshops for journalists and defense counsel regarding the harsh Mongolian defamation laws. He first traveled to Mongolia in 2012 for similar work with the ISLP.

Global International Director Naranjargal Khashkhuu, of Mongolia, described Byron’s 2013 work, saying, “His broad experience in handling defamation cases and accurate reporting aided the journalists and his training for defense lawyers was of great importance as it was the first-ever freedom of expression workshop for them. Overall, his trip contributed to raising the awareness of the public and authorities about decriminalization of defamation.”

Earlier this year, Byron also hosted a law symposium involving four African countries at the firm’s Indianapolis office. The one-and-a-half hour conference with five international visitors from Benin, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia and South Africa focused on transparency in government (public access to government meetings and documents).

The International Senior Lawyers Project provides the pro bono services of highly-skilled and experienced lawyers to promote human rights, equitable and sustainable economic development, and the rule of law worldwide. ISLP assists governments, non-governmental organizations and other institutions working to build legal capacity and to advance the rights and well-being of their citizens.

Byron has long been involved in pro-bono work focused on advancing the interests of free press and free speech in foreign countries, particularly in Africa and Mongolia. He has written several blog posts that detail his trips and cases he has handled in Mongolia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia, which you can read here.

To learn more about the International Senior Lawyers Project, please visit their website.

To learn more about Daniel Byron and his practice, please visit his profile.


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