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‘Dining on Yak in Mongolia:’ BGD Attorney Daniel Byron discusses recent pro bono trip with North Vernon Plain Dealer Sun


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP attorney Daniel Byron has been on multiple international pro bono trips, the most recent of which he discussed with the North Vernon Plain Dealer Sun. This trip – his second to Mongolia in the same amount of years – was focused on bringing Mongolian media law into the 21st century.

During his trip, Byron worked to educate justices of the Mongolian Supreme Court on important aspects of U.S. and international law that will expand free speech within the country. He also worked to train journalists, attorneys and judges on implementing the new Freedom of Information law.

An excerpt of the North Vernon Plain Dealer Sun’s article is below. Click here to read the full article and view photos from his trip.

Excerpt from ‘Dining on Yak in Mongolia’

Byron's work was productive - and is continuing even from the States where he has resumed his job with the prestigious Indianapolis law firm of Bingham Greenebaum Doll.

"It was a pretty successful trip," Byron said. "There was a lot of work to be done, but got it done. Now I'm in the process of dictating my recommendations."

Byron's work days in Mongolia were filled with lectures, training sessions and conferences. On one day, he was interviewed for a story by a Ulan Bator newspaper reporter.

One of his biggest efforts was helping to put together a two-day conference that included media law experts from all over Asia and Europe to formulate recommendations for changes in Mongolia's media law.

Click here to read the full article and view photos from his trip.


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