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Division for Air Quality Authorizes Submission of Certain Electronic Reports


The Division for Air Quality’s (DAQ) Field Operations Branch now accepts permit-required reports (such as annual compliance certifications and semi-annual monitoring reports) and the Source Sampling Section accepts files (such as sampling protocols and compliance test reports) through DAQ’s eForms website.

The eForms submittal system allows facilities to submit electronic documents to DAQ through a website. This process removes the Division’s file size limitations for email attachments and allows documents to be securely transferred to DAQ’s TEMPO database. It also eliminates the need to send a hard copy of the submittal to DAQ.

However, certain documents such as asbestos notifications and permit application correspondence are not accepted through the eForms website. In addition, any reports required to be submitted to other DAQ branches will not be accepted through eForms.

Although not required, DAQ encourages facilities to submit documents through eForms instead of submitting hardcopies. A receipt will be displayed on the screen upon completion of submitting a report through eForms for proof of submission. An e-mail will also be sent to the facility once the document is placed into DAQ’s TEMPO database.

The eForms system can be used by navigating to the following website: The instructions for submittals to eForms are located on the DAQ home page under the Online Services button at

To view a complete PDF of the Environmental Letter January 2015 Issue, please click here.

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