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Environmental Letter - July/August 2013


Inside this issue:

EPA Update

  • EPA Proposes Water Quality Standards Regulatory Clarifications, p. 1
  • EPA Publishes Proposed NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule, p. 4
  • EPA Proposes New ASTM E1527-13 as Additional Standard for "All Appropriate Inquiries", p. 5
  • EPA Issues Final Rule to Provide Conditional Exclusions under RCRA for Solvent-Contaminated Wipes, p. 6
  • Fed's Strategy Aims to Take Bite out of Bed Bug Problem, p. 7

Natural Resources Update

  • Court Approves Corps' Issuance of 404 Permit but Temporarily Enjoins Permit, p. 7
  • Federal Court Ruling Narrows Protection Afforded under Clean Water Act Permit Shield, p. 8

Indiana Update

  • IDEM Seeks Approval to Throw Out PM2.5 Monitoring Network Data, p. 8

Kentucky Update

  • Update on Kentucky Selenium Water Quality Standard, p. 9
  • Division of Waste Management Issues Proposed Brownfields Liability Protection Regulations, p. 9
  • Kentucky Division of Water Promulgates Regulation to Create Certification Program for Wastewater Laboratories, p. 10
  • Status of Pending Changes to State Environmental Regulations, p. 12

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