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Indiana UST Operators Face August 8, 2012 Training Deadline


In order to comply with federal grant guidelines related to the receipt of underground storage tank (UST) funds from the U.S. EPA, IDEM is requiring owners and operators of UST facilities to participate in an operator training and certification program by August 8, 2012.  In accordance with the federal grant guidelines, all UST facilities must designate individuals as Class A, Class B, or Class C operators for various responsibilities related to UST system operations.  Class A operator status applies to individuals, such as owners, who hire or contract the personnel who are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and record keeping of their UST system(s).  Class B operator status applies to individuals, such as consultants or full-time employees, who the facility owner has designated for the operation of all aspects of a UST system’s operation and maintenance.  Finally, Class C operator status applies to facility employees, such as cashiers, who assist Class A and Class B operators in monitoring for problems and responding to emergencies at UST facilities.  Class C operators may be trained by a facility’s Class A or Class B operator or an appropriate designee.

To qualify as a Class A or Class B Operator, an individual must complete required training developed by IDEM.  IDEM is providing the required training to UST owners and operators at no cost.  The training is available online and must be completed by the August 8, 2012 deadline.  According to IDEM, inspectors will begin checking for proof of operator certification following the August 8, 2012 training deadline to ensure all UST facilities have properly designated and trained Class A, Class B, and Class C operators.  Additional information regarding the UST operator training requirements is available by contacting IDEM UST program staff at (317) 234-4112.

It should be noted that IDEM is currently developing rules for approval by the Indiana Solid Waste Management Board establishing IDEM’s training program.  Information regarding the pending rulemaking is available under LSA #10-66, New Rules Concerning Underground Storage Tank Operator Training Requirements.  The SWMB preliminarily adopted these rules at its April 17, 2012 meeting.  In response to public comments at the SWMB meeting, IDEM announced it would be considering clarifying changes, including as to the definition of “facility” and the provisions addressing unattended facilities.

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