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Indianapolis Launches Central Indiana Clean Air Partnership to Improve Central Indiana Air Quality


The City of Indianapolis’ Knozone program provides residents and businesses with important information about the health effects associated with air pollution. In addition, the program encourages the implementation of voluntary actions designed to help improve Indiana’s air quality. In order to further empower local businesses to participate in efforts designed to improve air quality, the Indianapolis Knozone program recently announced a voluntary partnership opportunity called the Central Indiana Clean Air Partnership (CICAP).

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works, Office of Environmental Services implements the CICAP program. The goal of the partnership program is to obtain commitments from businesses throughout central Indiana aimed at improving air quality. The CICAP program provides businesses with voluntary clean air measures that are easy to implement at individual facilities or throughout a company’s operations. Voluntary measures include activities linked to Knozone Air Quality Action Days (KAQAD) and the Knozone program, business fleet initiatives, employee commuting initiatives, and energy/fuel savings programs.

Upon registration with the CICAP program, businesses determine which voluntary measures they will commit to and implement those measures at their facilities. Examples of CICAP commitments include email alerts to employees the day before KAQADs, creation and implementation of vehicle idling reduction programs, encouragement of employees to carpool or bike to work, and performance of comprehensive energy audits targeting potential energy savings. CICAP provides a toolkit of materials to aid participants. The CICAP program provides businesses with an opportunity to demonstrate concern for the health of employees and customers, highlight a business’ active involvement to improve the environment, partner with local government as a committed corporate citizen, and help enhance air quality in central Indiana.

Registration for the CICAP program is simple and can be completed online in a matter of minutes. For more information about the CICAP program or to register a business for participation in the partnership, visit the CICAP website or call 317-327-2234.

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