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USLAW Transportation and Logistics Compendium Spotlights BGD


Phil Isenbarger, Mark Grundy and Ben Weyman contributed to the latest USLAW compendium update for transportation and logistics in Kentucky and Indiana.

Phil wrote about the state of Indiana’s current laws regarding transportation and logistics. In his discussion, he focused on elements of proof for the derivative claims of respondeat superior, negligent entrustment, hiring/retention and supervision, defining each of these as well as describing the elements necessary to establish liability under each of them in Indiana. Phil also talked about the various defenses to the aforementioned topics as well as the circumstances necessary for punitive damages to be awarded.

Mark and Benjamin talked about similar issues within the lens of Kentucky state law, like negligent entrustment, negligent hiring, retention and supervision and vicarious liability. They also discussed punitive damage considerations, focusing primarily on what the plaintiff must prove and the protection of employers by Kentucky law against damages through vicarious liability. 

To read the USLAW Transportation and Logistics Compendium, click here.

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