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James Reed and Robyn L. Radomski Discuss Attorney Blogging with Indiana Lawyer


BGD partner James Reed and Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer Robyn L. Radomski discussed the ways in which attorneys are turning to blogs to market their services, find clients and express themselves with the Indiana Lawyer recently.

Reed and former BGD attorney Tamara McMillian had written about the questions of pet custody and visitation that can arise when owners end their marriage. Originally, the article was submitted for the firm’s monthly newsletter sent to clients and referral sources. But Reed said the decision-makers were hesitant to print the story, thinking it did not have the gravitas needed for that audience.

Instead, Reed turned to the firm’s blog. He and McMillian refashioned the article, made it more conversational, gave it the title, “Who Gets the Pet?” and posted it on BGD’s website in February 2012. Following the post, one reader, who was worried about his pet in his divorce, hired Reed as his attorney.

“It shows in the larger context how to connect with a larger audience or connect with a client,” Reed said, noting an ad in a newspaper does not provide the same level of access. “You have to make a deeper connection, a more personal connection with the individual.”

For lawyers, online writings can bring new clients, serve as a means to learn about a new topic and provide a creative outlet. For law firms, blogs can help establish their attorneys as thought-leaders in particular practice areas and promote the firm as a whole.

BGD distinguishes itself through full-content marketing which mixes blogging with videos and articles as a way to introduce itself to potential clients. Since 2005, the firm has published more than 1,000 blog pieces, 145 attorneys have written posts, and an average of 3,000 visitors click on the blogs each month.

Lawyers writing blogs is a must do according to Radomski. Blogs can help establish attorneys as highly knowledgeable, drive Web traffic and potentially bring in clients and recruit new attorneys and staff, she said.

Read “Attorneys turn to blogs to market their services, find clients and express themselves” on the Indiana Lawyer website.

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