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James Reed Explains How Relationships Are at the Heart of Meeting Clients in Cyberspace


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP partner James Reed recently explained how relationships are at the heart of meeting clients in cyberspace in this new technological age in the Indiana Lawyer.

In this new age of technology, clients often begin their search for legal representation on the internet; this challenges law firms to display thought-leadership in relevant practice areas through firm websites. This means that blogs, representative cases and attorney bios all need to transparently reflect their knowledge, as well as who an attorney is, in order to leverage a client base.

Reed said relationships are at the heart of that Internet searching and researching. He explained that clients want attorneys they can get to know on a personal level. Additionally, website content must not only introduce the attorneys, but also give an assurance these lawyers understand the clients’ problems and can help them find a solution.

Law firms, like all companies with an Internet presence, must also be able to adjust and adapt their websites for people on the go. Clients and potential clients increasingly are accessing the Internet through their smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Reed also recently discussed how attorneys are turning to blogs to market their services and build a client base.

Read “Meeting clients in cyberspace” on the Indiana Lawyer website.

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